FIFA 2022 Social Media Design Collaboration with ABI India

I was reached out by the ABI India team for Fifa 2022 Social Media designs used for online and offline reach. Recognizing the unique opportunity to engage football enthusiasts, I curated a specialized design team comprising dedicated football fans. This carefully assembled team played a pivotal role in crafting compelling and resonant design templates that would resonate with fans throughout the event.
In response to Qatar's unexpected "Beer-Free" mandate during the FIFA 2022 World Cup, I led a swift adaptation of design materials for Budweiser India, the official beer sponsor. Collaborating seamlessly with other ABI teams, we transformed the narrative from a "Beer-Free World Cup" to a celebration of Budweiser's Zero Alcoholic products.

Despite the challenges, the project showcased our ability to navigate unforeseen circumstances, delivering impactful results and emphasizing the brand's resilience and adaptability.

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